Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

After months of being hounded by friends, I finally decided to investigate the hype behind Hot Yoga. I enjoy yoga, I enjoy heat – but I wasn’t so sure about the two together. I enjoy working up a sweat in my Just Jhoom! classes, I don’t necessarily enjoy it dripping off me!

Just in case you’ve not heard, hot yoga (the most well know being Bikram yoga) is performed in a heated studio centigrade with 40-60 per cent humidity. The idea is that the warmth of the room is the optimum environment for one to practice yoga postures as it allows the body to stretch and bend without causing injury. The claim is that the postures will improve flexibility, muscle tone and balance whilst also increasing the body’s metabolism and flushing out unwanted toxins through the skin.
So, it was with some trepidation I joined a class of all shapes, sizes, ages and sexes for a 60 minute class which focused mainly on us doing static postures. The teacher was extremely encouraging as she walked around the room coaxing us into postures and ensuring that one posture flowed into the next. One thing she kept reminding us to do was to drink water and keep hydrated – not that we needed reminding!
In Just Jhoom! we do some yoga-inspired exercises at the end of a class – so I am well aware of my capabilities and how far I can push my body. What was really interesting in this class was that I felt I was able to push my body just that bit further. I was able to lift my leg a bit higher and hold a posture a tad longer without feeling any pain. And the sweat, well it just poured of me – and after a while I stopped noticing it!
I thoroughly enjoyed the class – but I wouldn’t say I left feeling energized and invigorated. I actually left feeling exhausted! But, that night I was in bed by 10pm and slept like a baby – which is unheard of in my life! If anything it was the next morning that I woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  So, perhaps it did work. I’m due for my next session soon and I suppose it will be after this class that I really know whether hot yoga is indeed for me. 
Until next time – stay warm!

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