Three Minute Meditation

So many different authors have shared the Three Minute Breathing Space in different ways – but I’ve chosen Shamash Alidina’s version as in his book Mindfulness for Dummies he describes this meditation really well. He suggests that this Meditation acts as bridge between Formal Mindfulness practice like a Body Scan Meditation or a Longer Seated Meditation, and your Informal Mindfulness More →

What is Mindfulness?

I am thrilled to be introducing a new series of clips to get you started on Mindfulness. From Mindfulness activities, to seated meditations starting at only 1 minute in length to Mindful Movement – this is the chance for you to really explore these amazing techniques that can bring calm, awareness, peace and joy to your lives. Here’s a short More →

Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

After months of being hounded by friends, I finally decided to investigate the hype behind Hot Yoga. I enjoy yoga, I enjoy heat – but I wasn’t so sure about the two together. I enjoy working up a sweat in my Just Jhoom! classes, I don’t necessarily enjoy it dripping off me! Just in case you’ve not heard, hot yoga More →