Mantra Meditation – Instrument of the Mind

Meditating using Mantras is one of the most popular methods of meditation. Now, I am not one for chanting, wearing beads and burning incense sticks. It just isn’t me! If you are that person – great – whatever rocks your boat!

However, I still do like Mantra Meditation because it gives me something to focus on to calm my mind.

I am a huge fan of Deepak Chopra – and it was from his teachings that I learnt to meditate when I first started meditating – and it was by using Mantras. Chopra suggests that when you are meditating you are tuning into your mind rather than trying to escape it – and that meditation should be a way to get into the gap between the thoughts that are floating through your head.

The premise is that by focussing on and repeating a mantra silently you are able to achieve a state of inner calm and pure awareness – and thus enter a deep state of meditation.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word – Man is Mind and Tra is Instrument. An Instrument of the Mind. I like that!

A popular mantra – and my favourite is So Hum (I Am). To me repeating this allows me to just be.

Give it a try as follows:
• Either meditate in the morning or the evening if you can.
• Sit in a comfortable position – be that on a chair or on the floor. You can lie down if you are unwell – but be aware that you may fall asleep when meditating lying down – and that is not the purpose of this Meditation.
• Place your hands in your lap or on your knees with the palms open and facing the sky.
• Allow your eyes to close gently and begin to focus your attention on your breath.
• Now introduce the Mantra “So Hum” repeating it silently.
• If you find that you are distracted by your thoughts or any noises around you, acknowledge them and gently bring your focus back to repeating the Mantra.
• Breathe naturally – inhaling and exhaling with ease.
• You can decide how long you want to meditate. Perhaps start at 10 minutes and work your way up to 30 minutes every day – and then if possible – twice a day. Whatever timescale you choose stick to it. So if you are meditating for 10 minutes then set the timer for 10 minutes – so that you are committed to that time. You can get some excellent Apps to download on your phone to time your meditations for you.
• Also, remember don’t beat your self up if you find you have not been able to meditate for as long as you would have liked – choose one of the shorter meditations described earlier in this blog.
• When your meditation is complete, release the mantra and focus on your breath – take a few moments to rest and then gently open your eyes.

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