Why we must celebrate every day like it is Diwali!

I am so excitedHappy Diwali about today! I don’t know why – it will after all be my 18th Diwali with Jeremy. But this one feels more special then the last few years. Perhaps it is because, following Jeremy’s illness, we feel we are being given a second chance to enjoy life.

So now, instead of working on our birthdays, anniversary, special days such as Diwali – we spend the days together. We mark the occasion in some special way.

And today will be no different. I am taking the day off – and preparing some Indian food, lighting diyas all over the house and have even done a small rangoli for outside.

With every diya I light this Diwali I will count my blessings – and be happy for my life with Jeremy.

So, let’s live every day to the best ability that we can, let’s celebrate every special occasion, let’s make every day a special occasion. Let’s celebrate life to the full!

To you and all your family, a very special Happy Diwali – may all your days be like today – full of love, laughter and light.

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