Cancer and (the Giving and Receiving) Mind (Part 3)

I remember clearly that when we first heard the diagnosis of Jeremy’s cancer I just burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying.

After that, I cried twice – once when talking to a friend and once when spending time with Jeremy. That was it!

But last week, windexe went to the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre in Bristol. And boy did I cry! It was a truly emotional experience.


As the carer, I just hadn’t realised just how much I needed to talk about the situation and how much I needed to receive some healing.

When you teach, you are always giving – and it becomes your way of being. So to receive so much kindness from the staff, facilitators, fellow course attendees – well it made me very emotional!

From Jeremy’s perspective – he really got a lot out of it too – he felt comfortable with the Mindfulness & Meditation, the talking, sharing – he said that he was not sure he would fit in – and yet he felt very comfortable, accepted and amongst people who understood what he was going through. He is already talking about going on another course!

As a couple it was good to have time to talk, share, cry, laugh and just be. It really was the right thing for us to do – and at the right time.

We have come back feeling nourished – mentally, physically and spiritually.

I couldn’t recommend the centre highly enough…it has truly made a huge, positive impact on our lives.

We asked for help – and we received it. Is it time for you to ask for help?

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    A shoutout to an amazing place – the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre. A wonderful place to help you through you cancer journey. I would highly recommend going to this place – and if you know anyone who is currently fighting cancer – ask them to look into going here.


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