Angeline – The First Jeremy Lucas Education Fund Student

Angeline, born in 2002, is one of 4 children and lives in Archers Post in northern Kenya.

Exam Results

Joint second place in her school

In 2016, one week before Angeline was to take her final year primary school exams (KCPE), her father passed away. Despite this traumatic event, Angeline not only chose to continue with her exams but scored 330/500 giving her joint second place at Girgir Primary School in Archers Post.

So the next step was to attend secondary school to continue her education and one day fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. But, Angeline’s mother could not afford the school fees. Angeline’s dream of attending secondary school would have to wait a year – maybe more.

So as not to waste the year, Angeline decided to repeat the final year of primary school. She was determined to get even better marks the second time round in the hope of perhaps getting a government scholarship next year. If nothing else, at least she would get one meal a day in school and lessen the burden on her mother.


Angeline with her teacher Joseph Basele and Shivani Bhalla from Ewaso Lions

When local schools heard about the Jeremy Lucas Education Fund, Angeline was recommended for the interview process by her teacher Joseph Basele. Angeline was interviewed by the Ewaso Lions team and her application sent to Shalini in the UK. It was unanimous amongst us all that this bright, young and ambitious young girl was a worthy receipient of a scholarship from the fund.

Angeline has already started her secondary school education and we are really excited to hear about her progress – and will bring you an up-date as soon as we catch-up with her.


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Angeline, her classmates and Peter Lenasalia from Ewaso Lions

What is your favourite subject?

What are your 3 best subjects?
English, Kiswahili and Science

What are your 3 favourite hobbies/activities?
Singing, reading novels, interacting with friends

Why do you think you deserve this scholarship?
Being very poor the scholarship will help me achieve my dream to help my family…and to become a doctor as there are insufficient doctors in our community.

What do you do in your school holidays?
Help my mother at the vegetable kiosk.

Peter Lenasalia, Students Officer from Ewaso Lions, interviewed all the candidates. This is what he said about Angeline:
“Angeline is polite, hardworking, supportive and really in need of this scholarship.”

In the interview process she scored Excellent or Very Good in Appearance, Punctuality, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Knowledge of English and Overall Impression

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