7-Year Old Isaac Runs For Charity

Many of you have followed the whole cancer journey with me and Jeremy. And last week I learnt that a young man was running one mile for Race for Life – raising money for Cancer Research UK. This was as part of Park Mead’s fundraising efforts to raise £100 for the charity – in fact, as of this morning they More →

Compassion for Nature

Guest Blogpost by Shivani Bhalla (Founder and Director of Ewaso Lions) Our planet is under severe threat. Large swathes of wilderness is being lost and wildlife numbers are plummeting all across the globe. Rapid urbanisation leading to animal habitat loss, poaching and bushmeat hunting of wildlife are just a number of things exacerbating the situation. Picture this. A large African More →

Cancer and the (Fatigued) Mind (Part 5)

The last 10 days have been really tough with J in hospital – and I was beginning to feel somewhat overwhelmed and tired with it all. Turning to the old trusted friend Google, I researched some of my symptoms and thoughts – and would you believe – they have a term for it! “Carer Fatigue” According to the website http://www.webmd.boots.com/caring/guide/carer-fatigue More →

Cancer and the (Controlling) Mind (Part 4) – An Up-Date

July 2014 our lives changed forever. I know that sounds dramatic – but I do believe that no matter what the outcome, the diagnosis of cancer to you or your loved one will stay with you forever. J has been fighting his renal cancer now for 18 months – and we live from scan to scan. Every 3 months we More →