Jhooming for the TV series The Hotel

Just Jhoom! is one of the most versatile dance-fitness programmes in the industry today. Training with us allows you to run Just Jhoom! classes in fitness venues, village halls, school halls and church rooms. Basically anywhere that there is space, a large, clean wooden floor and a group of people who want to Jhoom! You can tailor your classes depending on the age, dance and fitness abilities of your group. Junior Jhoom! for children, Forever Jhoom for older people or people with limited mobility and Bhangra Jhoom! for that high impact, high intensity workout – there really is something for everyone!

101_0364.jpgBut, you can do so much more than that! Hen parties, children’s parties, and Just Jhoom! Bollywood evenings are all the rage with our Just Jhoom! Instructors at the moment!

Our Instructor in Torquay – Amy Robinson was asked to run a Just Jhoom! class recently for the TV series ‘The Hotel’ at the Grosvenor Hotel. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-hotel/4od

So she turned up with her troupe of Jhoomers….and below is an account of what happened!

“I live and Jhoom in the beautiful English Riviera, home to the infamous Grosvenor Hotel where the hit comedy based reality TV series ‘The Hotel’ is filmed. When I got a call asking whether my Jhooming dance troupe would like to perform there as part of a new idea for the guests – a special themed ‘Bollywood Night’ – I was a little apprehensive due to the nature of the programme! However, after a chat with Shalini, I decided to go for it. After all, Just Jhoom! is about having fun – and all very tongue-in-cheek! I got the girls round to my house the night before to go through our routines so we would be spot-on and look good in front of the Big Brother style cameras. On the day, we arrived early and on the front doors there was a notice – ‘Warning: you are being filmed as soon as you set foot in this building’ so, needless to say we were on our best behaviour from that moment on! The guests were eating their Indian curry dinner so we had a few minutes to check-out the dance floor and sort out the PA equipment, then we got into our costumes and warmed-up ready to start.

Mark the hotel manager could not pronounce ‘Jhoom’ so he had to keep coming and asking me how to introduce us (whether this was real or put on for the cameras I’m not sure, however I’m hoping this definitely means that in the footage you will hear the words ‘Just Jhoom!’ several times!!!). We performed two dances for a very appreciative audience. Following Shalini’s advice I then did a short audience participation dance class with the audience to get them involved. We went through the hand positions, did the Jhoom Warm up and I taught Baamulaiza. Many of the guests, including children joined in. The staff behind the bar joined in a little too.

We then had a short break during which time Mark pretended to be a snake charmer who had lost his snake (much hilarity). Whilst waiting Hayley (one of the Jhoom! troupe) managed to spot most of the hidden cameras in the ballroom!

With the cameras on us we seemed to get even more energy then before – and when we  performed our final three dances they were all extremely well received with whoops and cheers from the audience! The girls collapsed onto the floor the second we got back into the changing room! They worked very hard and I was very proud of each and every one of them. We had loads of great feedback from the audience who said we were very professional and excellent to watch – they thought it was great fun! Also, ‘The Hotel’ has since asked us if we will go back and dance once a month for a regular Bollywood Night (when the cameras have departed….). Great result for me as a Just Jhoom! Instructor!

All in all it was a positive and fun experience and I look forward to seeing the footage on the new series of ‘The Hotel’ in early 2013. Fingers crossed that they will show a fair amount of us at our best, and that you will hear myself and Mark saying ‘Just Jhoom!’ continuously throughout!”

Guest Blogger – Just Jhoom! Instructor Amy Robinson

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