5 Reasons I Became a Bollywood Dance Teacher

1) Firstly, because I love to dance…

Since my first dance performance at the age of 3, I have loved dancing. When I was 18 I decided to put dance behind me and focus on a business career – and I was miserable.

Circumstances in my late 20s (namely being hospitalised with clinical depression) brought me back to dance.

Practising dance brought me back from a very dark place, and teaching dance gave me a purpose, a sense of worth and a reason for truly living the best life possible. The joy I get from teaching dance is immense. The happy, smiling faces in my classes uplifts me. I love inspiring people to try dancing, to see what they can accomplish, to enjoy themselves, to be in a safe and fun, supportive and energising space – moving their bodies to music and truly engaging their minds and their spirit too.

2) I wanted to share an easy to learn, fun, empowering style of dance to others

Bollywood dancing is such an accessible form of dance. Everyone can do it! It doesn’t matter who you are, what age, from what walk of life, what your dance ability – you can do it!

The music is light and uplifting, the steps achievable, the mind and body connection engaging at all times. Class attendees feel like dancers, smile like dancers – are empowered, nurtured and inspired. It fills me with joy to see this.

3) I wanted to make money doing something I love

I need to earn a living. That’s the reality. But, I don’t want to be stuck in a dead-end job doing something I dislike or don’t believe in. I’ve done that! I’ve had numerous jobs/careers – but nothing has felt as right or as special as this. I have a skill – I teach dance – and in return people pay me. It’s an exchange of energy that serves both parties well.

4) I wanted to be my own boss

I’ve had bosses – and I’ve learnt a lot from them. But the satisfaction of being my own boss – well there’s nothing like it. I choose when I work, where I work, who I work with, how much I get paid. My work destiny is in my own hands. The choices are mine. And, they’ve served me well and continue to do so.

When I first left my 9-5 job to teach dance full-time I was terrified. But, as soon as I did, I couldn’t believe all the opportunities that came my way. It felt like I had cleared away my old job and opened up the space for new opportunities to come flooding in.

5) I wanted to  stay well physically, mentally and spiritually and share that with others

Dance has seen me through some of the toughest times in my life. Now, I am able to use dance to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally as well. When I teach dance I am fully present in my classes – all the worries of day-to-day life don’t matter. The actual physicality of dance releases stress-busting hormones, helps me maintain my weight and keeps my joints and muscles mobilised and toned. But, as well as increased physiological benefits, there are numerous mental benefits too. The fun, the laughter, the mindfulness – all help with that. And, dance is uplifting – yet grounding, evokes energy and passion – yet at the same time peace and calm. Dance nourishes me spiritually.

And, my class attendees tell me they feel the same. They get all the same benefits that I do. It really is a give-take-give-take relationship – mutually beneficial – deeply nourishing and sustaining for all.

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