Prologue – Always With You (Excerpt 1)

For the next few weeks I will be publishing excerpts from my forthcoming memoir Always With You.
Each excerpt will also have an insight into and the significance of the excerpt. (See below)

To begin with a couple of paragraphs from the Prologue:
He is here to meet me. I know he is here because I can see him: strong now, he stands tall, straight-backed, smiling. Our eyes meet and there is that same fluttering in my chest I always get when he is near. And his smile… he smiles in a way that makes me feel safe. And complete.
A wave of love pulses through me, enveloping me, encircling me, lifting me up and flooding through my whole being. I am transformed by this love. I am pure energy, pure light and the same light is within him, pouring through and around him. I see his face and it is clear and open, free from pain and suffering. He is just as he was when we first met. His skin, translucent, seems to shimmer and glow with health and his eyes, always laughing, are bright and sparkling blue. I hear him talk to me but there are no words. His voice is within my heart: ‘I am here to bring you home. There is nothing to separate us now.’


Significance of this excerpt:
My husband Jeremy would always come and pick me up from Guildford Train Station when I had been travelling – even if it was just a day trip to London. He would never sit in his car, but would always park his car and walk to the ticket barriers and wait for me. It meant that as I walked down the stairs from the bridge I would see him waiting for me. And everytime I saw him, I got butterflies in my stomach. The last time he did this was on 22 May 2016 (2 months before he passed away). And, when I got to him, I kissed him and I said “I love the fact that you always come and wait for me by the ticket barriers. It makes me feel like I am coming home. You are my home.”
This Prologue is my way of acknowledging that when I die, I know he will be there waiting to take me “home” with him.

Look out for Excerpt 2 coming soon


Author Photo © Sian Tyrrell