Wife to Widow – A candid look at dying

Over the last few years I have been struck by how scared people are about talking about dying. So I get it – it isn’t the most cheerful topic to talk about over the dinner table! And, I think some of my friends are beginning to avoid me as I become a “death bore”. But, the thing is, we need to be more open about talking about death. After all, it comes to us all – and it is time that we take the mystery and fear away from the subject.

I have created a short video “Wife to Widow” (20 minutes – so maybe not that short!) for my End of Life Doula training – and I want to share it with you. I tie in my own experience of losing Jeremy with my Hindu and Indian cultural roots. But, I also highlight the plight of widows in India. I hope you will take time to watch this video…I do believe it will touch you at some level….whatever that may be for you personally.



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  1. HJM Ferguson

    What a beautiful dedication to the loss of a loving man within the context of traditional values to frame it with – truly pleasing to understand your journey in such a clear way: I am proud to know you.


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