Cancer and the (Fatigued) Mind (Part 5)

The last 10 days have been really tough with J in hospital – and I was beginning to feel somewhat overwhelmed and tired with it all. Turning to the old trusted friend Google, I researched some of my symptoms and thoughts – and would you believe – they have a term for it! “Carer Fatigue” According to the website More →

Cancer and the (Controlling) Mind (Part 4) – An Up-Date

July 2014 our lives changed forever. I know that sounds dramatic – but I do believe that no matter what the outcome, the diagnosis of cancer to you or your loved one will stay with you forever. J has been fighting his renal cancer now for 18 months – and we live from scan to scan. Every 3 months we More →

Why I stopped eating gluten

Lethargy, depression, tummy ailments – that’s what made me go gluten-free. Except, I had no idea that eating food with gluten in it led to all the above symptoms/illnesses. It was only when I was having terrible tummy trouble – went through loads of tests (blood, internal examinations) and thankfully found nothing sinister – that my doctor suggested a change More →

Lions need our help too…!

So, I wrote about the plight of elephants last week. And I sent the blogpost to my sister Shivani to read. She said “I think it’s great! I’ll watch Prince Williams speech but, also spare a thought for lions. The number of elephants we have in Kenya – is the total number of lions we have in Africa!!! People More →

Elephants – Is it too late?

Whilst on holiday in Kenya last year we visited my sister in Samburu, Kenya where she has her Ewaso Lions camp – ensuring the safety and conservation of the lions in that area. Samburu is famous for its beautiful elephants. Wonderful, majestic, kind animals – known for their loyalty, sensitivity and protectiveness to the family unit. But, the future More →