Sam’s Positivity Shines Through

“Sam’s positivity and determination shines through in everything she does. She is such a joy to be around – she simply oozes happy vibes – and I just love it. There is also a kindness and a patience in Sam – it’s something you can’t quite explain – you just feel it. Her determination to help other women understand and embrace self-care is so very inspirational. I wish Sam all the happiness and success in her life.” Shalini

41-year old Samantha runs a support group called Samspaces for people who have had cancer.

After three breast cancer diagnosis, Sam Reynolds set up Samspaces for those people living life after cancer. Through her website she offers useful resources to help inspire those recovering from treatment and surgery and offering pro-active ways to focus on their emotional and physical wellbeing. Through her work she recognised similarities in the complexities of women giving themselves permission to recover and heal after illness, surgery and giving birth. Having suffered terribly herself, both physically and emotionally, with issues around secondary fertility and recovery, she trained as a post natal doula to expand this nurturing care and empower women and new mothers, as well as specialise with those affected by cancer as the age of diagnosis gets progressively younger and the age of motherhood gets older.

“My life has been defined by cancer because I have embraced all of its challenges. I firmly believe that I was meant to experience cancer and my purpose, from this, is to help other women recognise the importance of self-care and pro-active wellbeing, as patients, survivors and as new mothers.”

Sam is herself an amazing advocate for self-care. Taking care of herself and focusing on the mind and body relationship, through yoga practice, as well as other holistic treatments, has changed her attitude towards her own self worth and self belief. After having a hysterectomy last year and her ovaries removed, she practices meditation more often and is learning to stand in her power and appreciate her own strength and courage.

Three questions for Sam:

What woman inspires you, and why?
Anyone who has fought cancer and its far reaching side effects fills me with pride. I am also hugely inspired by the doula network around me and the focus on our own wellbeing and self-care. Anyone who has lived through adversity is a heroine in my eyes.

What legacy do you want to leave in this lifetime? (What do you want to be remembered for?)
I would like to be remembered for kindness and compassion to others. Treat others as you would like to be treated. I think the world would be a much happier place to live if this was everyone’s attitude.

What does feminism mean to you?
Feminism is an attitude. Men can be feminists too! To me it is about positive empowerment, encouraging women to believe in themselves and their capabilities, whatever has happened or situation they are in. To nurture their own passions outside of the traditional labels and boxes. The world is our oyster and feminism, to me, means embracing these opportunities with passion and integrity, strength and determination. I am excited to be a part of that.

Sam’s message to other women is:

“Shoot for the moon while enjoying the stars…To enjoy the journey but in the passenger seat, having a tribe that they can lean on for emotional and physical support. We juggle so much, we do so much but we are not invincible and our own self-care is paramount.”

Facebook: @Samspaces & @Mummababy_space
Instagram: @Samspaces_safespaceaftercancer & @mummababy_space_
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