Compassionate Me – Week 4 – Compassion for Nature

Welcome to Week 4 of our FREE 28-day programme designed to encourage and inspire you to practise compassion, mindfulness and kindness towards yourself, your friends and family, strangers and the planet. In this last week we focus on nature and work at cultivating compassion towards it. Click HERE to access Week 4.

Happiness is….by Shalini Bhalla

Happiness is sunshine Happiness is rain Happiness is finding my twin soul Happiness is being a twin soul Happiness is laughter Happiness is tears Happiness is my cat purring Happiness is the birds chirping Happiness is living Happiness is breathing Happiness is beginning Happiness is finishing Happiness is when loved ones visit Happiness is when they go home Happiness is More →

Why we must celebrate every day like it is Diwali!

I am so excited about today! I don’t know why – it will after all be my 18th Diwali with Jeremy. But this one feels more special then the last few years. Perhaps it is because, following Jeremy’s illness, we feel we are being given a second chance to enjoy life. So now, instead of working on our birthdays, anniversary, More →