Compassionate Me – Week 1 – Self Compassion

Compassionate Me is a FREE 28-day programme designed to encourage and inspire you to practise compassion, mindfulness and kindness towards yourself, your friends and family, strangers and the planet. More info about this programme can be found HERE. Our Compassionate Me journey begins with Self Compassion – practising compassion towards yourself. Click HERE to start Week 1    

Germanwings – Flashback to the Death of my Grandfather in a Plane Crash

I was sad when I heard that a plane had crashed in France. I cried when I heard that the pilot had crashed the plane deliberately. I was so saddened by what had happened. I didn’t want to analyse it, or ask why. I was just sad that it had happened. Everytime I hear about a plane crash I am More →

My therapist saved my life…

My therapist saved my life. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it. But it’s true. Even all these years on, I still remember her. Her name, how she looked, dressed, spoke, her professionalism, her open, non-judgemental manner. You see, she was such an important person in my life. Whilst I was recovering from clinical depression 12 years ago, she became the link between More →

Beat the Winter Blues

Christmas is over. The last bauble has been packed away. A few stale mince pies are left over. The credit card bill has just hit the doormat. January can be a bleak month. Winter seems never-ending, and after the festivities of Christmas we feel the financial pinch and the effects of over-indulgence. Many of us will experience the winter blues More →

Fight the Christmas Blues

I love Christmas. It’s a time to unwind, catch up with friends and family in front of a roaring fire, and really take time out for me. I always come out the other side of Christmas feeling rested and ready for the New Year. But for some people Christmas can be a really stressful time. Cooking for the masses; buying More →

Three Minute Meditation

So many different authors have shared the Three Minute Breathing Space in different ways – but I’ve chosen Shamash Alidina’s version as in his book Mindfulness for Dummies he describes this meditation really well. He suggests that this Meditation acts as bridge between Formal Mindfulness practice like a Body Scan Meditation or a Longer Seated Meditation, and your Informal Mindfulness More →

One Minute Breathing Meditation

This really simple meditation – can be done anywhere, anytime – and is one of my favourite meditations – because the effect that one minute has on me can be quite astounding. I often do this meditation when I am working and am being faced with a stressful situation, when I am over-tired and feeling a little grumpy – and More →