Why is Mindfulness so relevant to Just Jhoom!?

Dancing, by its very nature is a mindful activity. You are engaged in the activity in the here and now – and it is difficult to have thoughts about the past or future as you engage in the dance movement. Just Jhoom! with its hand and arm movements, Bollywood and Bhangra footwork and hand and eye co-ordination is a really More →

One Minute Breathing Meditation

This really simple meditation – can be done anywhere, anytime – and is one of my favourite meditations – because the effect that one minute has on me can be quite astounding. I often do this meditation when I am working and am being faced with a stressful situation, when I am over-tired and feeling a little grumpy – and More →

What is Mindfulness?

I am thrilled to be introducing a new series of clips to get you started on Mindfulness. From Mindfulness activities, to seated meditations starting at only 1 minute in length to Mindful Movement – this is the chance for you to really explore these amazing techniques that can bring calm, awareness, peace and joy to your lives. Here’s a short More →

Cancer and (the Giving and Receiving) Mind (Part 3)

I remember clearly that when we first heard the diagnosis of Jeremy’s cancer I just burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying. After that, I cried twice – once when talking to a friend and once when spending time with Jeremy. That was it! But last week, we went to the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre in Bristol. And boy More →

Cancer and the (Female and Male ) Mind (Part 2)

They say Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus – well in our house it is soooo true! We’ve always been known as a very strong couple – agreeing on most things…. From the food we eat, the television programmes we watch to where we go on holiday and the people we like to spend time with. But More →